The Local Pantry

Between Leathley and Pool on the Harrogate Road lies The Local Pantry, a newly refurbished shop, kitchen and café, offering delicious Yorkshire food sourced from local farmers, growers, independent producers and businesses.

Behind the recently canopied façade you will find a team bursting with Yorkshire pride - celebrating and selling all that is great about the county for the gourmand and the busy family - whether you chose to visit for a bite in the cafe, buy ready-made or cook from scratch at home. Pick up treats from the delicatessen, meats, bakery, fruit and veg - all sourced locally and reliably from suppliers including Sykes House Farm, Suma, Kendall’s Farm Butchers and Pudsey Farm. 
Kendra PR's brief is to build and implement a PR strategy to communicate the distinct ethos behind The Local Pantry whilst raising the awareness of this great resource that has been so thoughtfully put together.