Sutlers Bar & Kitchen

A superb location in York city centre with a twist.  Following two years of careful work with the conservationists, Sutlers Bar & Kitchen has taken on the iconic Army & Navy stores, sensitively incorporated some of its features within its two floors and created one of the most vibrant destinations in York.  Opened in March 2015, Sutlers offers not only good food and drink, the team are hot on providing a regular schedule of events, including the renowned Jazz & Gin Festivals, cocktail nights, live music gigs and much more besides.  

Here's our latest news: 

Sutlers ‘Ration Packs’: a Firm Favourite 

Sutlers Bar & Kitchen on Fossgate in York, named after the wartime role of civilians who delivered provisions to the army, has announced that their taster dishes, called ‘Ration Packs’ are a firm favourite for this increasingly popular bar and kitchen. Richard Beal, who owns Sutlers and who took 2 years to lovingly develop this corner location, has confirmed that the people of York have taken Sutlers to their heart and the popular taster dishes show the ever changing style of eating in the 21st century.  

‘Our new menu includes innovative taster dishes, and this is a great way for us to provide a really wider selection for our customers to enjoy.  Traditionally, dining out would include a starter, main and dessert – today customers want more choice and they want to enjoy food throughout their evening.  Our menu continues to offer classic dishes, such as beer battered fish and chips and corned beef hash, but we’ve put a fresh spin on our Ration Packs, like chorizo and tiger prawns and a selection of pan fried steak (from £4.45), to ensure that we keep up with current tastes.’ 

Sutlers Bar & Kitchen opened in March 2015 and serves food and drink every day (8am to 10pm) and is open to 11pm weekdays and midnight weekends.  The interior which includes a downstairs bar and dining area with eclectic pieces saved from the original Army & Navy Stores, also offers 4 intimate drinking and relaxed seating spaces upstairs, plus a dining room with views to Whipmawhopmagate.  Upstairs also includes a stylish cocktail bar, open to all and a space that also hosts a schedule of tasting events that sets it apart from York’s growing selection of eateries and bars.  The ethos of the term ‘Sutler’ is at the core of their offer, with good seasonal produce, often locally sourced, creating a wartime menu with a contemporary twist to appeal to all, with a wide selection of craft beers, bottled and cask, spirits and wines supplied by local merchants.  The team at Sutlers Bar & Kitchen also has an eye on what’s new, with live music gigs and festivals to keep customers engaged.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights include live music such as Americana and jazz, with great 3 for 2 on the Ration Packs and Burger and a pint for £10 weekdays, cocktail offers on Thursday nights and Jazz and Gin on Friday nights.  Such is the popularity of their Gin nights that November will see a standalone Jazz and Gin Festival – check out the Sutlers Facebook site for more details.  

Following the major investment in this iconic location for the city of York, Richard adds: ‘We wanted the menus and the design to be in-keeping with the historical context of the building and its legacy is important to us, as well as the people of York.  Our menus are a blend of old and new and our taster dishes will give everyone the excuse to try everything and perfect too for lunch times and evenings.’

Visit to download the menu.